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Breast Cancer Surgery and Stage Change During the Covid-19 Pandemic: An Observational Pilot Study
Marcus Cunningham; Kenneth L. Fan, MD; Amanda Foshag; Sam Huffman; Daisy Spoer, MS
Effect Of Racial Disparities and Socioeconomic Determinants on Reconstructive Options for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients at An Urban Breast Cancer Center
Nathan Aminpour; Deldar R.; Kenneth L. Fan, MD; Griege N.; Monika Masanam, MD; Mansi Maini, MS; Adaah Sayyed; Son J.; Song DH; Sogunro O.; Parhom Towfighi

Abstract Posters

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patient Preferences for Breast Reconstruction Techniques Following Oncologic Surgery
Nathan Aminpour; Romina Deldar, MD; Lucy De La Cruz, MD; Kenneth L. Fan, MD; Ian T. Greenwalt, MD, Maini M; Masanam MK; Murray A.; Adaah Sayyed; Olutayo Sogunro, DO; Son JD; Song DH; Parhom Towfighi
Clinical Management of Myoid Hamartomas of The Breast: A Case Report and Literature Review
Nathan Aminpour, MS; Marc E. Boisvert, MD, FACS; Byoung Park, MD; Olutayo Sogunro, DO; Parhom Towfighi
A Comparative Analysis of Males and Females with Breast Cancer Undergoing Mastectomy Using the American College of Surgeon’s National Surgical Quality Improvement Project (Nsqip)
Nathan Aminpour, MS; Romina Deldar, MD; Areeg Abu El Hawa; Zoe Haffner; Parhom Towfighi
Outcomes In Patients with Hiv and Breast Cancer: A Retrospective Review
Areeg Abu El Hawa; Gabriel Del Corral, MD, FACS; Adaah A. Sayyed; Stephanie Shin, MS; Olutayo Sogunro, DO
Socioeconomic Factors in Male Breast Cancer at An Urban Academic Institution
Nathan Aminpour; Romina Deldar, MD; Mansi Maini, MS; Adaah Sayyed; Parhom Towfighi
Palb2 Mutations in Breast Cancer: Should We Perform Risk-Reducing Surgery?
Marc E. Boisvert, MD, FACS; Monika Masanam, MD; Clark Pitcher; Olutayo Sogunro, DO; Leah Starks, MD
General Surgical Presentations of Invasive Lobular Carcinoma
Caroline MacCallum, MBBS, DTMH; Richard DeBoer, MBBS, DTMH; Bruce Mann, MBBS, DTMH; Craig Murphy, MBBS, DTMH; Sally Shepherd, MD
Reduction In Tumor Grade and Ki-67 In Postmenopausal Patient with Node-Positive Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Following Combination Hormone Replacement Therapy Cessation
Kenneth L. Fan, MD; Ian T. Greenwalt, MD; Caroline King, MS; Monika Masanam, MD; Aneesha Maini
A Rare Case of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and Ductal Carcinoma in Situ Found Within Borderline Phyllodes Tumor
Ian T. Greenwalt, MD; Margaret Lee, MS; Stephanie Shin, MS; Olutayo Sogunro, DO
Outcomes Following Nipple-Areolar Complex Reconstruction Utilizing The C-Y Trilobed Technique: A Retrospective Review
John Bovill; Kenneth L. Fan, MD, M; Samuel Huffman; Stephanie Shin; David Song, MD, MBA
Imaging Characteristics of Benign and Malignant Breast Vascular Lesions
Rend Al-Khalili, MD; Erin Crane, MD; Sameer Desale, MS; Janice Jeon, MD; Julia Fisher, MD; Erini Makariou, MD; Juan Delgado Polanco, MD; Jaclynn Powell, MD; Judy Song, MD
Prevalence Of Breast and Truncal Lymphedema Following Breast Cancer Treatment: A Retrospective Study
Lea Schneider; Payton McWilliams, DPT
Cupping For the Treatment of Lymphedema And Secondary Impairments Related To Breast Cancer Treatment
Payton McWilliams, DPT
Negative Ctdna Testing in Local Recurrence of Breast Cancer
Armina Azizi, MD; Jessica Burgers, MD; Shannon Wagner, MD; Anniki Witter, MD