Top Abstract Award Recipients

First Place

P23 – Direct to Implant Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction
Presenting Author: Alex Viezel-Mathieu, MD. Additional Authors: Nayif Alnaif, MD; Albaraa Aljerian, MD; Jean-Francois Boileau, MD; Tassos Dionisopoulos, MD

Second Place

P21 – Enhanced Intraoperative Breast Specimen Assessment May Reduce Margin Positivity and Reoperation Rates in Breast Cancer
Maen Farha, MD; Ilyssa Moore, BS; Niya Patel, BS; Hanh Tam Tran, MD; Shawna C. Willey, MD*

Third Place

P7 – Expanded Algorithm and Updated Experience with Breast Reconstruction Using a Staged Nipple – Sparing Mastectomy Following Mastopexy or Reduction Mammoplasty in the Large or Ptotic Breast
James Economides, MD; Francis Graziano, BS; Troy Pittman, MD; Eleni Tousimis, MD; Shawna C. Willey, MD*

Abstract Poster Presentations

P1 – The P1 Method: A Novel Approach to Pre-Pectoral Breast Reconstruction to Minimize the Palpable Implant Edge and Upper Pole Rippling
Olivia Abbate, BA; James Economides, MD; Troy Pittman, MD

P2 – Acute Breast Enlargement in a Pregnant Patient with Breast Implants: ALCL or Not?
Nayif Alnaif, MD; Peter Alam, MD; Alain Azzi, MD; Lucie Lessard, MD

P3 – Treatment Strategies of Breast Animation Deformity: A Systematic Review
Nayif Alnaif, MD; Tassos Dionisopoulos, MD; Alex Viezel-Mathieu, MD; Tyler Safran

P4 – Immediate Implant-Based Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction with AlloDerm is Associated with Improved Clinical Outcomes: A Retrospective Comparison
Kylie Brassard; Nicholas Hricz; Devinder Singh, MD

P5 – Prospective Study to Evaluate Risk of Breast Tissue Expander and/or Implant Contamination and Infection Prevention
Alexis Buckley, MD; Nadeem Chaudhry, MD

P6 – Dual Coverage of the Inferior Pole with Conjoined Fascial Flap and Acellular Dermal Matrix for Immediate One-Stage Breast Reconstruction with a Prosthetic Implant
Young Woo Cheon, MD, PhD; Yong Soon Chun, MD; Yang Woo Kim, MD; Seo Hyung Lee, MD; Heung Kyu Park, MD

P8 – Safety of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy on Women Undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery and Immediate Reconstruction with Latissimus Dorsi Flap and Silicone Implants
Natalia Crema, MD; Gabriel D’Alessandro, MD; Joao Carlos Sampaio Goes, PhD; Alejandro Povedano, MD; Fabiana Takeuchi, MD

P9 – Impact of Combined Gynecologic Procedures on Two Staged Implant-Based Reconstruction in Patients with Genetic Cancer Risks
Nicholas Haddock, MD; Savannah Hampton; Avinash Jayaraman; Lekshmi Nair; Sumeet Teotia, MD

P10 – Outcomes in Two Staged Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction in Patients with Genetic Cancer Risks
Nicholas Haddock, MD; Savannah Hampton; Avinash Jayaraman; Lekshmi Nair; Sumeet Teotia, MD

P11 – Retrospective Review of DIEP Flap Donor Sites: Cost Analysis
Kylie Brassard; Luther Holton, MD; Nicholas Hricz; Devinder Singh, MD

P12 – Radial Scar Upgrade Rate and Subsequent Breast Cancer
Erin Crane, MD; Janice Jeon, MD; Suzanne Iorfido, DO; Erini Makariou, MD;

P13 – The Impact of Radiation and Chemotherapy on Outcomes in Tissue Expander-Based Breast Reconstructions
Nicholas Haddock, MD; Savannah Hampton; Avinash Jayaraman; Lekshmi Nair; Sumeet Teotia, MD

P14 – Unilateral vs. Bilateral Tissue Expander-Based Breast Reconstructions: Trends and Complication Rates
Nicholas Haddock, MD; Savannah Hampton; Avinash Jayaraman; Lekshmi Nair; Sumeet Teotia, MD

P15 – CyberKnife Partial Breast Irradiation for Early Stage Breast Cancer: A Pilot Study
Lloyd Campbell, BS; Brian Collins, MD; Sean Collins, MD; Shaan Kataria, MD; Sean Collins, MD; Sonali Rudra, MD

P16 – Training Canadian Surgeons in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery: Where Do We Stand
Angel Arnaout, MD; Muriel Brackstone, MD; Renee Hanrahan, MD; Eman Khayat, MD; Jeannie Richardson, MD

P17 – Advanced Autologous Lower Dermal Sling Technique for Implant-Based Immediate Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Small and Non-Ptotic Breasts
Santosh Dixit, PhD; Upendra Dhar, MD; Chaitanyanand Koppiker, MD; Smeeta Nare, MSc; Aijaz Ul Noor, PhD

P18 – Quality of Life Stages of Breast Cancer Throughout Treatment & Recovery
Steven Davison, MD; Gabrielle LaBove; Monica Jackson, PhD

P19 – Identifying Preferences for Approaches to Breast Cancer Surgical Treatment Beyond Traditional Clinical Benchmarks of Survival
Lopamudra Das, PhD; Allen Gabriel, MD; Matthew Gitlin, PharmD; David Macarios, MSc; Toni Storm-Dickerson, MD

P20 – Delays in Time to Follow Up for Breast Abnormalities as Related to Race, Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
Gregory Burgoyne, MD; Allison Estep, MD; Ekaterina Fedorova, MD; Maen Far, MD; Jennifer Reid, MD

P22 – Development of a Breast Reconstruction Training Environment
Shantale Cyr, PhD; Mirko Gilardino, MD; Thomas Hemmerling, MD; Roy Kazan, MD; Alex Viezel-Mathieu, MD

*Dr. Shawna C. Willey, MD recused herself from abstract grading.